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Anti-spam plugin for contact forms

Captcha plugin to fight spam for Wordpress and Smooth Step CMS forms.

Anti-spam plugin for website forms

Spam protection plugin for contact and comment forms

Lately we have seen an increase of automated spam messages sent from the contact forms, therefore developed a web application that generates a 4 letter code preventing automated submissions.

The plugin works by generating a photo with a random letters that cannot be read by automated systems making sure that each form is submitted manually.

Technology used to generate anti-spam photos

The system uses high quality TrueType fonts to generate the anti-spam image. Each letter is randomly skewed and rotated for better protection. We can adjust the size of the photo generated, which font is used, also colour and letter distribution.

We have designed the plugin having website visitor in mind choosing only four well readable letters that could be entered without frustration.

Plugins for Smooth Step CMS and Wordpress

Our team prepared captcha plugins for Wordpress and Smooth Step Content Manager. The plugins can be quickly installed on your website and integrated to fit the site design.

The technology can be used to protect any form of the website, including main contact form, restricted area login and comment section.

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Firefox browser

Firefox team is constantly working on known security flaws offering one of the safest browsers available.

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If more security is needed we can install SSL encryption.

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Internet security

Routers and firewalls offer reasonable computer internet security as vulnerable operating systems become isolated from unwanted connections from the internet.

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This creates a security risk as every time new software version is available their developers announce which vulnerabilities were fixed and all previous versions become vulnerable to those well documented bugs until they are updated.

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Aloha College

We have designed and developed new Aloha College website based on Wordpress content manager with our custom plugins.

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