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Smooth Step

We have decided to share some of our knowledge so our clients and website visitors could find out about web browsers, email usage and internet security.

Web browsers

Helpful resource to find out what the most popular browsers are and what features do they offer.

Choose your web browser

List of web browsers; their advantages, security and supported operating systems.

Major web browsers

Firefox browser

Free Mozilla Firefox web browser offers helpful features and reasonable security.

Firefox overview 

Main web browser features

Several basic web browser features for inexperienced internet users. Learn to browse efectivelly.

Browser features 


Electronic mail is a widely used service to send letters over internet. Since we offer unlimited email accounts as a part of or web hosting service, we'd like to explain how email works and how to use it properly.

Email software

Guide to email software - advantages and configuration.

Email software

Web mail

Webmail is helpful for those who need to access their email from the internet by using web browser.

What is webmail 

Spam protection

Tips to protect your computer from email viruses and spamming.

Email security

Internet security

Since internet is a public place merely controlled by anyone security measures are crucial to protect your private information. Learn how to protect your computer from common threats.

Computer viruses

There are many types of such viruses on the internet; learn how use free virus protection tools.

Antivirus software

Remove spyware

Find out how to protect your computer using free antispyware solutions.

Guide to antispyware

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Web development

If you are interested in our web design services, fill our contact form below and we will help you to define clear structure, write content, design and develop your website.

Web development guide »


Simple websites usually only require single size designs, more complex websites may require separate designs for mobile and tablet resolutions.

More about responsive »

Unique web design

Exclusive design guarantees that no other website is using the same corportate image.

Our design and web development services »

Dynamic websites

This means that every time you will need to update your static website you will have to contact website designer and pay him to perform changes.

Dynamic website development »

Web browsers

Due to interpretative nature of hypertext markup languages (HTML) different web browsers display the same website differently - Many poorly designed websites do not render correctly on all of them.

Web browser guide »

Web development Latest updates

We write web development and internet usage related articles. Check our latest updates: 

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