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DSLR Magazine

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Photography portal

DSLR Magazine is a professional photography portal offers all kinds of news related to latest cameras and optic lenses, photography techniques, reviews, interviews, exhibitions, etc.

Redesign and development

The design was produced using dark gray patterns resembling the texture of old cameras. Website has been redesigned and redeveloped adding many new features such as article and category search system, new semi-transparent panels, new banner ad sizes, video section, social networks, and others.

Joomla based upgrade

Since the old site was based on Joomla 1.0 - content management system programming is based on new Joomla 1.5.

Articles of Valenin Sama

This professional photography portal belongs to optics expert – Valentín Sama. Site offers a wide variety of articles about photo cameras, lenses, digital & analog photography techniques and much more.

Dslr specialized in photography based on joomla programming

Website: www.dslrmagazine.com

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