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Abstract section

Picture gallery contains a few abstract photos that do not represent anything in concrete

Following photos can be used for fancy presentations. Business use is allowed with our permission only. Contact us for further information.

Click on pictures below for larger view and description.

Abstract pictures

2 image(s) listed

Photo gallery / Abstract

  • Low aperture picture

    Geometric lights

    Released on June 25, 2006

    Low aperture speed party lights forming an interesting background image.

    Preview | Visits 623

  • Low aperture geometry

    Complex lights

    Released on June 25, 2006

    Complex forms achieved illumination using extremely low aperture speeds.

    Preview | Visits 646

2 image(s) listed

Photo gallery / Abstract

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The importer is designed to automatically fill all the required multilingual property dropdowns, including area, type and others, import photos and generate automatic SEO titles.

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Exclusive web design

We have developed website and database administration software that allows managing photo gallery, product listings, latest articles and client databases.

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CMS comes equipped with advanced WYSiWYG software - A powerful editor that allows editing HTML content straight from the web browser (add / edit / remove text, choose fonts, photos and specific blocks of service).

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Photo gallery

Visit our contact pagePhoto gallery plugin allows to upload JPEG image of any size.

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Gallery contains photos related to nature scenes, plants and living creaturesPictures are protected by copyright and can be used for business projects with our permission only.

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