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Smooth Step CMS

Smooth Step CMS™ is a fully web based AJAX software meaning that no additional installations besides a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or similar) is needed.

This gives a great flexibility because our CMS software can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection.

Content manager solution

Smooth Step CMS solution was installed for each new website we had build; at the moment we mostly use Wordpress because of its large variety of third party plugins which help to reduce development costs.

We have been developing this web based software and it's plugins since 2007.

Smooth Step content manager

Easy to use

Usually it takes less than 1 hour of studying to get the basic concepts of how to edit your web site using our content manager. We provide lesions, manuals and support.

Smooth Step CMS technology is designed to have vast amount of pages - Suitable for individuals and large business websites.

What does it do

Smooth Step Content Management System provides restricted area on your site where you can edit web pages.

Basic installation:

  • Secured login - Allows protected access to Smooth Step CMS.
  • Text functions - You'll be able to edit and format text, apply styles, create links, paste your content from MS Word.
  • Page functions - Allows create new pages, move them from one section to another in the menu, write SEO friendly titles and descriptions.
  • Image functions - Allows to upload and resize photos (also sharpen). Once uploaded they can be placed anywhere in the content.
  • Contact form - Enquiry form with validation where clients will be able to contact you. Contact form is available as a special block in Smooth Step CMS and can be inserted anywhere on any page.

Extra plugins:

  • News section - Allows creating news pages and RSS feeds that are shown ordered by date on your website (automated previous and next buttons for each page). News management software also provides comment section for each article - Each comment firstly appears in content management system to be confirmed by administrator. Only confirmed comments appear online.
  • Product listings - Allows adding product pages to CMS environment. Product listing software features product categories, search and shopping cart.
  • Photo gallery extension - Allows creating photo categories pages and organize them in categories.
  • Client management - Extension to Smooth Step DB client table. Client management plugin allows clients to register on your site and after their details are confirmed they are able to access restricted area. This plugin is highly customizable according to your specific needs.

Compatible web browsers

Smooth Step team dedicated large amount of time to make CMS fully compatible with major web browsers: Internet Explorer (version 6, 7 and 8), Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Request Smooth Step CMS

If you have a website or you are planning to build one and thinking about Smooth Step CMS, simply fill our contact form and we will provide available options and pricing.

Visit our contact page

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