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E-commerce Shop Website

The ecommerce engine provides customized product listings, shopping cart and restricted area for clients on the website. All these services are backed up by powerful shop administration system with automated sales reports, PDF invoicing and efficient communication with each client.

Shopping cart

Interactive shopping cart

The client will be able to browse through the product listings and add the liked items to the cart creating a shopping order.

Our ecommerce engine has a modern AJAX shopping cart implementation that allows adding and removing products dynamically without having to refresh the page.

Restricted area for shop clients

Restricted area for clients

To complete the order clients will have to create their free account which is validated by an activation email.

The restricted area provides access to view all the past shopping orders with their order status, download PDF invoice and view a list of products ordered.

Billing and online payment services

Online payment gateways

The system can be integrated with variety of online payment gateways.

By default it comes equipped with capabilities of payment via Paypal and Google Checkout; however we can also install property online payment system provided by your bank.

Shop task notifications

Automatedtask notifications

The back-end system is designed to automate all the sales processes.

Once logged in it notifies what tasks need to be done, these include indications of orders to be shipped, cancelation, bank transfer clearance and other issues.

Product stock control

Product stock management

The manager also allows controlling stock for each product.

The stock can even be divided by any parameter of the product, ie: color or size. This feature is very useful for clothing shops where different sizes of the same product are available.

Sale tax calculations

Taxes andsales reports

The e-commerce manager allows setting up the percentage of sales tax (Spanish VAT or other). It then provides calculations for each shopping order.

Depending on tax office requirements the shop is equipped with modules to generate monthly, trimestral and annual tax reports.

Ecommerce website development

All inclusive software to handle your online shop.

Ecommerce engine

We have developed a complete ecommerce solution by interconnecting two brilliant packages to handle different parts of the website. The first element is Prestashop, it handles online shop including ecommerce products, client accounts, invoicing and payment system.

Prestashop and Wordpress integration to a single shop management system

While being a great ecommerce solution Prestashop is not very good for handling websites with a complex  layout therefore we have integrated it with Wordpress that manages multicolumn website pages, navigation menu blog and contact forms.

The complexity of integration consists of displaying Prestashop shopping cart in pages generated by Wordpress, and vice versa – displaying Wordpress navigation menu and blog in ecommerce pages generated by Prestashop.

Our custom design

Ecommerce website consists of 10 or more different designs, these include: home page, product listings, product details, shopping cart, payment system and a variety of services within the restricted customer area.

Having deep knowledge in the inner workings of the shop engine we can customize each feature of the shop. Generally we prepare unique high quality designs and once they are confirmed by the client we develop the site applying the styles to each service of the shop.

Predesigned templates

We also offer predesigned templates for those who don’t have a large budget for custom design, however this is not recommended for serious shops as templates are not unique and they simply don’t look as good as our design.

View e-commerce templates

Thinking of having an online shop?

We offer a reliable e-commerce solution that can be hosted on our servers or any other provider. Please specify what features will you need for your online shop and we will estimate pricing.

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