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Web and graphics design

Creativity that works

Graphic design and branding is a special form of communication that if it is successfully done one will get a positive response from customers towards a product or a service. A creative designs helps building and identity and helps to promote a company, its products or services.

Our creative web design portfolio

Branding services

At Smooth Step, our aim goes further than just design a logo and brochure; we try to deliver your company's message. This is done by understanding the needs of your client and integrating brand and image strategies accordingly.

Corporate branding in business website design

Our Graphic Design Services

As experienced graphic designers and marketers based in Marbella, Málaga we use effective and visual design to attract your target and potential clients differentiating your business among your competitors.

Creative logo design

Logos are like little symbols that serve as an ad. They have to transmit the consistency of your branding message providing client with a fast recognition of the products and services your company offers.

Logo design services 

Effective web design

The importance of company presence in the World Wide Web has increased considerably. Nowadays the technology has evolved so rapidly that companies consider their business in the web as one of the most important ways of transmitting their corporate identity, their products and services through this barely new environment.

Web design portfolio 

Customised business cards

High quality business cards provide professionalism to your corporate image. Many times they stand as a first official representation client sees. Even as a complementary thing business card plays an important role in how client judges your company.

Business card design 

Attractive brochures, flyers & catalogues

The use of printed material serves a way of presenting the information about your business, products or services and transmitting your commercial ideas. We take care of the design and visual layout and make your communication appealing and attractive to your clients.

Brochure & flyer design

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Exclusive web design

Preparing and programming high quality unique design is a hard task which needs lots of expertise and time.

Our design and web development services »


If your company needs high quality graphic design you can check our portfolio that includes logo design, flyers and brochure, business cards, web

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Real estate software

We have also developed advanced SEO tools to generate search engine friendly real estate listing pages designed to optimize the website for each location, also location and property type combinations.

SEO friendly real estate manager »


Service includes 5 hours of initial template design modification, extra service installation and content entering, for extra works we offer professional 5 hour development pack for 75€.

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Real estate

Our real estate website package comes with exclusive design for each site we build as we care about professional website quality and corporate company image.

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