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Album cover design for vinyls and digital music releases

Vinyl and digital album covers require a lot of creativity. Their designs tend to provide sense of professionalism together with a minimalistic abstract message. Design approach is usually simple and effective especially for electronic music records since album covers are prepared to look good on small sizes used by online shops.

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Moonfire EP Otherworldly album cover design dedicated to 1969 lunar landings

Deep tech house album cover designed for Canadian artist TSDK using one of his photos taken at J. F. Kennedy Space Station.

For this cover design we have used heavy photo retouch to get the right contrast and color tone, also modern concensed typographies for EP, producer and label credentials.

Cover design & photo retouch

Professional music album cover designed for Canadian artist TSDK

Dub area EP cover design Album cover design using high contrast black & white photo retouch and modern typographies

This digital EP cover was designed for French producer Petit Gateau. He comes from rough neighborhood and therefore wanted to reflect it on the cover of his music album.

We have been provided with a photo from one of Paris pour neighborhoods which we have retouched to high contrast black and white adding horizontal and circular text using modern fonts.

EP album cover design

Album cover design for French producer Petit Gateau

Two faces EP album cover Designed using advanced photo retouch and futuristic font styles.

Futuristic album cover design for electronic music artist - Damien Bossu or Dambo from Paris, France.

The design consists of an industrial background retouched by removing and replacing certain colours, and a text overlay designed using futuristic typeface and styling.

Music album cover designs

Futuristic Two Faces album cover by Dambo from Paris, France

Cybernetics EP produced for an electronic music label using innovative fonts and reduction

Digital EP album cover designed for Black Elk Studios Records electronic music label release using innovative fonts over carefully selected plain background.

Album "Cybernetics EP" has been designed having minimalism and reduction in mind. We have used different background color tones for each song so their listings on Soundcloud would be more appealing.

Cover design

Cybernetics EP album cover design

PitchBend Recordings Album cover designs for various digital label releases

Graphic design made for PitchBend Recordings digital music label whose purpose is to promote new artists introducing them into the global electronic music scene.

Our team has designed a generic album cover that people from the label could modify adapting it to various music albums and digital releases.

Digital album cover design

Minimal electronic label design
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