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Exclusive website design services

Unique website means that its design is exclusive to that website and not used by any other business. We are proud to be one of few web design companies still offering exclusive design service here in Marbella.

Predesigned website templates

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Predesigned website templates are helpful for those who are starting their business limited budget however the same design is used on many different websites providing no uniqueness or corporate identity.

It is also very possible that Google has the ability to catalog template based websites as similar since they share the same source code therefore making them less valuable which translates to lower SEO ranking.

Many web designers here in Marbella sell templates claiming that they offer unique designs. We offer website uniqueness certification service to determine if website design is unique or based on a template.

Exclusive layout and design

SmoothStep team working on exclusive website design

Exclusive design guarantees that no other website is using the same corportate image.

To start website planning firstly we need to find out what purpose it will serve.

If it's a business site content has to be organized to logical categories assuring that most important services are clearly visible and search engine friendly.

Art related websites have slightly different design approach - Minimalistic navigation and clean product presentation usually work best.

Unique web design

Preparing and programming high quality unique design is a hard task which needs lots of expertise and time. Firstly we have to study the business concept and prepare the design with its mobile version in graphic editing software, perform design modifications until we get client confirmation and only then we can start development works.

Complex websites with many different panels take weeks or even months to get designed and developed.

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Innovative web development

Website programming includes several technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript to display design and content (frontend development), PHP / Asp.Net  for interactivity with the server and web based software, Adobe Flash for funky animations and SQL for database tasks.

Programming usually starts once design is prepared and confirmed.

Web based products

Web based content manager

CMS solution serves to ease web site updates when changes are needed. It is designed to edit website content, add more photos and pages. You will also be able to add more pages to the menus.

Once your website is built we will integrate it with Wordpress or other administrator of your choice and you will have full control over your content.

Content management

Professional marketing services

Search Engine Optimization (or simply SEO) is a strategic set of techniques designed to achieve better positioning in search engine listings.

We look for keywords that are related to your business, analyze competition and position you website pages to appear at the top.

Search engine marketing

Custom Web applications

We have developed website and database administration software that allows managing photo gallery, product listings, latest articles and client databases.

If you need any custom simple or complex application we can develop it.

Web based software

Business website hosting

Web hosting is place on the server where your website is going to be located. We offer dedicated web and e-mail servers based on Linux and Windows operating systems.

Web site and e-mail hosting with full maintenance is included to our web packages.

Web hosting

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Collegium Musicum website design

Since they are a non lucrative organization we used economic web design based on Rosa website template which we have modified and improved to fit client requirements.

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Real Estate Mijas website design and development

This website is developed from scratch based on our exclusive web design according to client requirements implementing latest web browser technologies: slideshow with animated text, modern multi column sections for different real estate sections, scrolling animations, full screen photo slideshows, automated Google Maps and much more – All editable visually from Wordpress website backend.

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Web development

If you are interested in our web design services, fill our contact form below and we will help you to define clear structure, write content, design and develop your website.

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Apart of exclusive design we offer cost efficient website solutions based on predesigned templates, such websites are not unique but with over 10 years of experience in web design and development business we can customize them or even change their design completely maintaining the management software.

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If your company needs high quality graphic design you can check our portfolio that includes logo design, flyers and brochure, business cards, web design and other available designs at affordable prices.

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