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Database manager

Smooth Step DB

Smooth Step DB™ is a web based software designed for database management. It has been put together recently; however the engine has been developed since 2007.

Web interface of our database management software

Customizable architecture

Highly customizable architecture allows it to be adjusted to manage any kind of database based service. All you have to do is indicate your needs and we will develop database and adjust Smooth Step DB to handle it.

Our database managment application screenshot

Software features

Web based architecture

It allows you to edit your database from any decent computer with internet connection.

Smooth Step DB is accessed using web browser. It is fully functional on Internet Explorer 7, Firefox and Safari.

Inline windows

We don't use popups as they tend to perform slower. Inline windows are harder to program but if used correctly they are the fastest.

We have developed a script that allows having many of these windows open at the same time; drag them on your screen.

Each inline window works as a separate component with its own database functions.

Dynamic components

To make the software more secure and faster we have developed custom AJAX technology that loads required components dynamically without the need to reload the whole page.

Usually it takes less than 1 second to load database fields and perform search.

Real time search integration

Each table in Smooth Step DB has its own search capabilities.

You will be able to search by any field in your table.

Real time dropdown updates

If you will have a table that will contain dropdown lists they will have "+" icon next to it. Clicking on it will open a dynamic window where you will be able to update your dropdown fields.

Dropdowns will automatically re-update in all open windows.

Flexible customization

Smooth Step DB can be configured to manage custom databases according to the needs of your business.

We can easily add extra fields or even tables in the future.

Integration with Smooth Step PDF

If you will need high quality printouts to be prepared (Invoices, monthly reports, window cards etc) our database software can be integrated with PDF generator.

Integration with Smooth Step CMS

If you will need to display tables on your website we can add a plugin to display required database fields using our content manager.

Smooth Step DB can be also used to manage user accounts providing registration form on your website.

Advanced Security

Integrated SHA2 password protection protects your password from being stolen. If more security is needed we can install SSL encryption.

SSL is a security standard used by banks and online business.

Looking for a web based database management software?

We offer custom databases based on Smooth Step DB on our servers (includes monthly database backup). Please specify what kind of database you need and we will estimate pricing.

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Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites store page structure in the database and if you’ll add another page to navigation menu it will automatically appear in other pages as menu is also generated in real time on the server.

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Server side website caching

We can cache database records needed for our table, so that database server would be contacted only when database is changed.

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PDF generator

We have developed an application to generate PDFs dynamically from predesigned template and dynamic information from the database.

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Web development

We have developed tools to automatically gather product details and images from any provider and create a separate internal database that generates internal search engine friendly pages on the site.

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Due to its flexible architecture we can modify database fields, provide custom tables and functions.

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