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Photo gallery

Photo gallery extension allows web based photo management using Smooth Step CMS.


Below you will find an example of Smooth Step CMS photo gallery extension - few interesting photos that we have taken. Choose your favorite category and start browsing.

Product categories for online shop

Tree structure

"Tree like structure" design allows creating categories of any depth.

Photos can be easily rearranged and moved from one category to other.

Authomised resizer for product images in ecommerce websites

Photo resizing

Photo gallery plugin allows to upload JPEG image of any size.

Once uploaded it is automatically resized to required sizes using high quality lanczos resampling algorithm.

Seo friendly image descriptions

SEO friendly architecture

Each photo will be contained in a unique page with its own content (if any) and SEO friendly title and description.

Photo detail page contains automated links to visit related categories.

To test our photo gallery engine please visit our photography servies section.

Thinking of building photography related website?

Contact us defining your needs and we will provide a free quote for Smooth Step CMS and its photo gallery plugin.

Visit our contact page

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Real estate software

The importer is designed to automatically fill all the required multilingual property dropdowns, including area, type and others, import photos and generate automatic SEO titles.

SEO friendly real estate manager »

Dynamic websites

HTML page is basically a list of text, photos.

Dynamic website development »


CMS comes equipped with advanced WYSiWYG software - A powerful editor that allows editing HTML content straight from the web browser (add / edit / remove text, choose fonts, photos and specific blocks of service).

Website management software »

BlueView Real Estate Website Design

Photo manager allows choosing a selection of photos and uploading them all in one go, the uploaded photos can then be rearranged visually by dragging their thumbnails to the desired location.

BlueView »


You'll be able to upload photos and organize them in categories.

Web based products »