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Website administration - Managers

Generally sites with our unique design are developed using Wordpress and our plugins for advanced functionality. For online shop sites we also use Prestashop e-commerce manager.

Editing your own website

Even having ftp access it would take a long time to understand HTML code and have the ability to effectively update website content and services. Web site owner normally pays an extra fee to a web design company every time he needs to perform an update. Smooth Step has designed editable website solution - Web based application called content management system where client can edit his website with ease.

Wordpress content manager running Smooth Step plugin

Wordpress and other open source content managers

At the moment we are building most sites on Wordpress and our custom plugins. This way we can build websites faster and with more features, however we don’t hesitate to build or upgrade websites based on other open source content management solutions including:

Advantages of a content management system

Content management solution (or simply CMS) provides a restricted area on the website with a user-friendly service that allows adding web pages and updating content.

CMS comes equipped with advanced WYSiWYG software - A powerful editor that allows editing HTML content straight from the web browser (add / edit / remove text, choose fonts, photos and specific blocks of service). Web based HTML editor works like any popular text processor.

Content manager also provides page functions where one can choose page order in the menu, move pages from one section to another and add new ones.

Smooth Step CMS

We have developed a content management solution that is included with each website we build, however our CMS while being faster and more secure lacks community 3rd party plugin support therefore at the moment we are focussing on building custom sites on Wordpress.

Both Wordpress and Smooth Step CMS is fully web based meaning that no additional software besides a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or similar) is needed...

CMS Overwiew

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With content manager you will be able to edit your website content, add new pages, change texts, upload and resize your photos easily without having any knowledge about programming involved.

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Dynamic websites

Once visitors write their comments they can be previewed in content manager.

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Visit our contact page If you will need to display tables on your website we can add a plugin to display required database fields using our content manager.

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Frequently asked questions

Apart of quality design you will also get a content manager where you will be able to edit your content, add more pages.


Content manager

Usually it takes less than 1 hour of studying to get the basic concepts of how to edit your web site using our content manager.

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