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Fully managed web hosting servers

We have tried many web hosting providers and got disappointed due to slow, frequently crashing servers and poor support. It is very hard for an inexperienced user select a good hosting company because all of these companies have fancy web sites and claim that their web hosting services are impeccable.

Server down time is one of the worst enemies of internet marketing as search engines penalize web sites that are slow or frequently unavailable (besides that visitors can't access information during down time period).

After many years of searching and trying we have found a reliable space for us in large server rooms that offer fast error recovery, friendly support and enough speed for personal and business website hosting.

Fully managed web hosting service

We are proud to offer web hosting package with full maintenance. Client usually updates website content using content management system and we take care of the rest:

  • Make monthly/weekly backups of all files and databases of the website
  • Periodically check if the site is working
  • Deal with the problems immediately in case of failure
  • Upgrade content manager and all its plugins
  • Install antispam and security system
  • Create and help to install required e-mail accounts

Domain names

Our web hosting package does not include domain name registration:

For a new web site - One needs to register a domain name before our website hosting can be used. New domain name has to be configured to point to our servers. We offer domain names that end with .com for 15 EUR/year, .net and .org for 12 EUR/year (prices include initial configuration).

For already existing site - Existing domain name has to be configured to point to our hosting servers.

Hosting specifications

Reliable hosting for complex Wordpress websites

Hosting package

  • 5000 MB web space
  • 20000 MB Monthly transfer
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts supporting IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP
  • Web mail and spam protection
  • Ftp accounts
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • 99% Guaranteed uptime
  • Custom error pages
  • Helm*/cPanel** hosting control panel
  • Statistics and log file access
  • Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
  • Password protected folders
  • SSL
  • SSH access on request**
  • Separate servers for web and databases
  • Firewall and DDOS protection hardware
  • Professional web hosting support

Scripting languages and plugins

  • PHP 5.6 / 8.2
  • ASP and ASP.NET
  • IIS7 with rewrite support *
  • Perl
  • ImageMagick
  • Shopping cart script **
  • Chat script **
  • Coldfusion


  • Latest MySQL databases
  • Latest Microsoft SQL databases *
  • Microsoft Access database support *
  • ODBC resources*

Extra services

  • Monthly backup
  • Support via Whatsapp during work hours for all technical issues
  • Optional: Monthly Wordpress and its plugin update for optimum security

Hosting costs

  • 75 EUR / year
* Available for Windows IIS hosting package only
** Available for Linux hosting only

Request our web hosting solution

If you are looking for a web hosting solution - contact us and we will be glad to help. We offer hi-speed databases for business and e-commerce websites.

Please note: We do not host or design sites that promote illegal activity, porn, hate or spamming.

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We are a group of freelance designers and developers based in Marbella and Málaga, Costa del Sol offering modern web and graphic design, responsive search engine friendly website development, content management solutions, marketing, web based apps and web hosting.

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Dynamic websites

s give little benefit to site owner as websites that provide interactivity and fresh content tend to rank better.

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Frequently asked questions

All you will have to pay is 50 - 100 EUR/year for web hosting server space.


Exclusive web design

Web hosting is place on the server where your website is going to be located.

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Web development

They play key role in e-commerce providing product listings, client registration, online payment and website administration.

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