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Email software

Email servers

Email application uses POP3 mail servers to receive emails, and SMTP servers to send them.

These incoming and outgoing email servers have to be configured properly before one can start sending and receiving messages.

Advantages using email software

  • Local email messages - E-mail messages are available locally, internet connection is needed only while sending and receiving.
  • Email filtering - E-mail software can be easily configured to filter unwanted email messages (anti-spam).
  • Multiple accounts - E-mail software can be configured to send and receive messages from multiple accounts automatically. There is no need to enter passwords for each account.
  • Email templates - E-mail software supports custom email templates that serve to provide quality business design for the client.

Popular e-mail software:

Mozilla Thunderbird logo

Mozilla Thunderbird email client - Is a free email and news software developed by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is available for most popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. Software features: easy-to-use interface, multiple accounts, secure protocols and personalization.

Opera mail client logo

Opera Mail client is a flexible, cross platform free email software integrated with Opera web browser. Opera mail client features email filtering (to display only those that are related to a certain topic), automatic spam detection, contact management, e-mail labeling and news reader.

Microsoft Outlook logo

Outlook is an e-mail client available as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook is known to be highly insecure email platform. It also takes long time to load (compared to its competitors); frequent crashes are also reported.

Smooth Step email servers

Our email servers are fully compatible with above mentioned software, also modern mobile phones that support POP3 and SMTP servers.

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