Web mail services

What is a web based email?

Web based email is a service that allows to access and use electronic mail via web browser. In this case email software is running on a web server allowing client to log-in, read and send mail from any computer with internet connection.

Web mail might be unsuitable for business users that use many email accounts; it might be annoying to check all those accounts by logging in to each of them separately. Such users should use email software.

Web mail providers

There are many free web based email providers; however they offer email addresses that include their domain name. Free email providers often include ads to their service, sometimes ads are also sent together with every email message.

Most of free email accounts are incompatible with email software simply because their providers force clients to use web service to promote their name; also to view ads.

Most popular free web-based email providers are: Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail.

Smooth Step webmail service

Our web hosting package includes webmail service where you will be able to access your email accounts.

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