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Email security

Email viruses and spam

Spam email message usually contains viruses or spyware packed with good looking text. Very often spam message says “open the attached document” or “your account details are attached”.

It is very easy to protect yourself from spam and email viruses, simply:

  • Do not open any email attachments from the people that you don't know.
  • Do not send your personal information to anyone who you don't know. Popular email scam messages indicate you have won a lottery in order to steal your information.
  • Use antivirus and antispyware software and it will automatically delete infected email messages.
  • Install email filtering software that analyzes content of the message and filters if it fits unwanted email pattern.
  • Some malicious emails claim that they are your financial institutions (normally having similar appearance) with intent to steal your passwords and gain control over your accounts. Always check if the domain name in the link provided is the one that should be there.

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