Computer viruses

Malicious software - Viruses, worms and Trojan horses

Worms and viruses are malicious programs that have an ability to replicate themselves. Viruses are designed to add their code to executable files of third party software, while worms simply add their files into system folders to be executed on system startup.

Trojan horses – Allow computer to be controlled remotely; a hidden functionality user would not want.

Computer antivirus software is usually used to protect from possible threats. There are many commercial solutions available, however more expensive solution doesn't necessarily protect better.

Computer virus protection

Recommended protection

For home users we recommend Avast anti virus. It is free of charge for non commercial users. Those who don't earn from the internet should not pay for virus protection software.

For business users we would recommend Panda Antivirus, Avast Business Edition or any other well known commercial antivirus solution.

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