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Internet security

Introduction to network security

Enormous boom of internet expansion led to complex and highly automated technology development that is hard to secure. Internet faces a huge variety of threats because it depends on computer software that is vulnerable. Black hat programmers analyze such vulnerabilities and develop malicious software that takes advantage of software bugs to gain access to computers that are connected to the internet.

Damage of such illegal activities varies from simple vandalism that leads to loss of data or denial of a valuable service to sensitive data theft that might lead to loss of privacy and money.

Antispyware software

How to protect your computer from spyware and malware

Choose an appropriate web browser - Internet Explorer is known to be very vulnerable, keep it for viewing web pages that you trust; choose a secondary web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, for viewing web-pages that you don't know.

Use updated software - Make sure that your web browser is not an outdated one. Latest versions usually have most known bugs fixed.

Avoid bad neighborhoods - Try to avoid questionable sites that might have malicious software.

Don't click on popups - Avoid clicking on popups even if they are similar to operating system messages. Computer spyware hides behind “Your computer might be at risk” and similar popups.

Do not install unknown software - Do not agree to messages asking to install of unknown software or plugins.

Install effective antispyware solution - Antispyware software scans the information you are receiving from the internet and alerts if possible threat was detected.

Antispyware and antivirus software

In case of infection, one should run antivirus and antispyware scanners to test all computers' files assuring that all copies of unwanted software are eliminated.

Real time virus and spyware scanners offer reasonable protection from most types of unwanted software that is received from World Wide Web, email or other sources. Such computer scanners are designed stop malware before it could do any damage.

Besides of antispyware and antivirus solution one can choose protection tools that limit internet connection to deny unauthorized access.

Firewalls and routers

Computer firewall is internet connection filtering hardware / software designed to block all traffic except through the ports that are needed for installed services. This helps to protect your computer from unwanted connections.

Network router is a configurable internet rooting device. It can be setup as a firewall allowing specific computers have specific ports open.

Routers and firewalls offer reasonable computer internet security as vulnerable operating systems become isolated from unwanted connections from the internet.

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Firefox browser

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