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Electronic mail

E-mail became popular because of its standardized protocol and due to enormous flexibility that allows email messages to be sent and received anywhere in the world.

We offer affordable e-mail hosting that is included to our website packages.

Introduction to Email

Email (shortened version of electronic mail) is a widely used service that enables to send electronic messages among individuals.

Email messages can be sent and viewed in using different computer technologies - using web based interface (web mail) or specific email software (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera mail and others).

Advantages of using e-mail service

E-mail has a great advantage compared to regular mail as the message is received within seconds from when it was sent. Modern email also allows images and other files to be attached to the message allowing easy information sharing among internet users.

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E-mail software

Opera mail client features email filtering (to display only those that are related to a certain topic), automatic spam detection, contact management, e-mail labeling and news reader.

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Web mail

Such users should use email software.

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Email security

Spam email message usually contains viruses or spyware packed with good looking text.

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