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Web browsers

Web browser is an application used to access websites on the internet.

Once you fill website address - web browser connects to the server, downloads information and renders visual design. Modern browsers provide an environment to perform many complicated tasks such as audio/video streaming, web based software, interactivity etc.

Introduction to internet browsers

The first graphical web browser, called WorldWideWeb, was developed in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. User friendly point and click interface, easy-to-remember domains and other flexible features created an explosive growth of the following technology.

Early internet browsers supported only a very simple version of HTML. Rapid and very competitive modern web browser development led to inventions of non standard HTML dialects and code interpretation that differs depending on the browser.

Browser compatibility

Due to interpretative nature of hypertext markup languages (HTML) different web browsers display the same website differently - Many poorly designed websites do not render correctly on all of them.

This makes web design a hard task - One needs to understand how different web browsers work and test each new website to make certain changes that assure website's full cross browser compatibility.

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Main browser features

Integrated search engine tool is relatively new feature in web browsers.

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E-mail software

Our email servers are fully compatible with above mentioned software, also modern mobile phones that support POP3 and SMTP servers.

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