Popular web browsers

Mozilla FireFox

Firefox internet browser logo

Mozilla FireFox is a free cross-platform web site browser available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Firefox web browser features: tabbed browsing, integrated download manager, internal search and source code viewing facility.

From security point of view Firefox browser is much safer than Internet Explorer; it also renders websites more correctly.

Opera Web Browser

Opera web browser logo

Opera is a very flexible free web browser (works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Smartphones, Nintendo DS, Wii) and a brilliant internet suite that also handles e-mails and chat.

Rich in useful features like tabbed and speed dial browsing, pop-up blocking, privacy control, standard support etc., Opera browser stays as a good choice for a modern internet user.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser

Microsoft internet explorer browser logo

Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser of the present time. Since it is included (and can hardly be removed) to Microsoft Windows operating system that is used by 90% of all home computer users, for many it is the only browser they know.

Older versions of Internet Explorer (including 6-th version that comes with Windows XP) have serious flaws in security and CSS rendering, however Internet Explorer 7 seams to have many of those errors fixed offering reasonable features and security.

Apple Safari

Safari web browser logo

Safari web browser has been built by Apple Computers. It is included into Mac OS X operating system. Recently a beta version of Safari web browser was produced for Windows operating system.

Safari browser features: Mac's bookmark system (similar to the one in iTunes), integration with QuickTime technology, tabbed browsing, add and image blocker, and much more...

Netscape Navigator

Netscape navigator logo

Netscape navigator once was one of most popular web browsers. In 1998 Netscape was announced to be free of charge and since then it was co-developed by Mozilla open source community.

Due to large amount of features Netscape offers, it takes longer time to load; it also has flows in visual appearance (HTML standard support) of many websites.

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