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Guide to web development

Website serves as a presentation of your project or business on the internet, allowing visitors to find information, products and services. It also helps to maintain contact with possible clients minimizing operative costs.

Web design should be seen as a strategy – An adequate way to present the content so it would be catchy and interesting to the user, and at the same time search engine readable. Only a combination of two leads to real success of the website.

Main website planning issues are:

  • Business objectives
  • Site structure
  • Design
  • Content selection
  • Content management system integration
  • Navigability
  • Interactivity and page download times

Website design

Once website structure and its elements are defined we proceed to visual design.

Design is prepared according to corporative identity. We have to think about corporate colors, logo integration, overall style, etc… to achieve balance between design and content for presentation. Good design is as important as website content as it gives very first impression to the visitor.


A clear website structure has to be agreed before web design and programming works are started. It defines where and how website elements seen and how should they function.

Many studies have been made on how important are particular website areas - Elements that are more valuable should always stand in the hot spots of the page.


It is a relativelly hard task to program website properly as different web browsers interpret HTML code differently. All websites that we build are tested for cross-browser compatibility (assuring that site will work on all browsers) and web accessibility standards.

Web site content selection and structuring

Firstly one needs to gather and organize information to generate content that would be attractive and corresponding to products/services offered. Website content has to have a clear structure so internet visitors could find what they're looking for with minimum effort. Content efficiency is very important to make clients to stay on your website increasing possibilities for direct contact.

Website text

Text on a website has to be unique; copying from any other successful site will get your pages banned from search engine listings. It is very hard to simply invent the content so probably the best way of writing an article is gather as much information as possible and then write your own conclusions based on the collected data.

It is very important that information on your website would be updated regularly, otherwise it will become obsolete and traffic will gradually decrease. All our Website Packages come equipped with Content Management System. Smooth Step CMS allows adding new content, news items, images and products.

We can guide your text writing process to produce highly optimized and attractive content for your site.

Photos and animations

Images and animations usually increase perceptual website quality, however wrong use of graphics might prevent your content from being seen by search engines; it might also slow down download time of your site making it hard to access for users with slower internet connection.

Text contained in images and flash animations is invisible to search engine spiders; it has no value in website ranking. Pure flash based sites are almost entirely invisible to search engines; such approach is should only be used to promote well known brands that do not require SEO marketing.

Valuable web services

Web applications are designed to perform advanced tasks on your website. They play key role in e-commerce providing product listings, client registration, online payment and website administration.

Services like daily weather forecast, downloads, dynamic PDFs, mortgage calculators, currency converters, restricted areas, online booking are elements that increase web site traffic because if users find them useful, they will remember your domain name and come back, also recommending your site to others.

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