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Web based products

We have developed several web based products.

Smooth Step CMS

We have developed a content management solution so you could update your website without needing any knowledge about programming languages involved. Basic installation allows organize site's navigation menu, add more pages, text and pictures. Smooth Step CMS is included to website price, we don't ask for any recurrent payments to use it.


To make our CMS more useful, we have developed several plugins. Here are some of them:

Contact form plugin

Multilingual contact form

Plugin allows website visitors to enter their details & questions. After the information is validated it is sent to you via email.

Test our contact form

Online photo gallery for websites

SEO friendly photo gallery

You'll be able to upload photos and organize them in categories.

Photo plugin 

News / blog services with RSS

Blog engine news service

All you'll need to do is add pages to news section and they will be organized by date (with RSS output) on your web site.

News plugin

Product categories for online shop

Custom product software

Allows to adding and organizing products. Provides product categories, search and shopping cart.

Product manager

Client services for ecommerce websites

Web based client services

Provides a searchable list of clients. Allows clients to create their accounts on your website.

Client manager

Online weather forecast

Automated weather forecasts

Plugin provides 7 day weather forecast and current weather conditions on your website.

Smooth Step DB

This software is usually used to manage client/product listings, stock and user accounts. Due to its flexible architecture we can modify database fields, provide custom tables and functions. Smooth Step DB features modern web based architecture compatible with PC, Mac and Linux based computers.

Database manager

Smooth Step PDF

Adobe PDF is a well known technology used for high quality printing. Smooth Step PDF allows automated PDF document generation. Usually we design PDF template and then information is added to it automatically using Smooth Step PDF that is connected to the database. Customized versions generate PDFs for products, clients, invoices, monthly reports...

PDF generator overview

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The first element is Prestashop, it handles online shop including ecommerce products, client accounts, invoicing and payment system.

Product database administration »

Web development

)If a searchable catalog of products (or simply images) is needed, we develop database driven web applications that consist of management and output parts.

Web application development »

PDF generator

Our PDF generator is available in conjunction with our web based products, stand alone application or as a third party plugin for your software project.

Real time PDF generator »


“Our own software developments”We have developed several web based software products to perform advanced tasks on your website:Web applications can be designed to handle a variety of online services such as database driven product search, registration and login, PDF rendering and others.

Web design services »


We offer custom databases based on Smooth Step DB on our servers (includes monthly database backup).

Database management software »