PDF Software development for Bunniktours travel company from Australia

The client had requested a web based tool with dynamic PDF rendering capabilities for their brochures so BunnikTours agents could login to add their contact details and high definition logo and generate corporate PDF brochures with their company info.

Design works

We were requested to design a web based software in a way that it would open in an inline window with the same visual style as their main bunniktours.com.au site which has a very slick design. We have prepared unique designs for each software window that closely resembles their website look.

Software development using JSON

JSON is a very modern approach that allows loading the software from our server dynamically on their main website using cross website Javascript implementation. Each software panel opens in a dynamic inline window, making their website darker in the background. The software itself is developed using Javascript, .NET and MySQL, it also uses C# implementation of PDF thumbnail generator and PDF generator written PHP.

Having the software developed using JSON the software is hosted and maintained on our dedicated server. This way the client doesn´t have to buy the source code of our database framework or install it on their server making it a very cost efficient solution.

PDF Generator

The software uses our proprietary Smooth Step PDF generator that imports Bunniktours PDF brochures and merges them with well-placed high resolution company logo and client contact details written in their corporate font creating a new PDF document in real time.

Client Manager

The administrator of the software has a window with a table of their client accounts with an ability to add more clients to the software or modify existing accounts.

Once logged in each client will have a profile button where they can update their contact details and upload company logo for PDF rendering.

Useful functions

Apart of rendering the PDF, Bunniktours software has a few easy to use functions. Instead of being rendered on the screen - each PDF can be downloaded or sent directly via email directly from the software. The PDF brochures can be uploaded via software itself from the administrator account or in bulk via FTP.

The server generates a thumbnail photo for each PDF brochure so it could be easily selected from the list.

If client has forgotten his/her password, we have implemented a password recovery tool that sends username and password to software user via email.

We have implemented a secure login, when logging in the username and password is sent encrypted using SHA256 algorithm.

PDF rendering software designed and developed for Bunniktours travel agency from Australia

Website: pdf.bunniktours.com.au

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