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Business cards

Business card is an official presentation that reflects your corporate identity. It can be casual, trendy, formal or informal, depending on the person or company they identify. Depending on services offered and branding strategies company should choose the business card style wisely.

Business card design

Most formal cards are arranged to preserve the balance and dignity and the informal ones will retain good design and typographic attributes and a less rigid arrangement.

Company name and logo are a must together with the name and title description of the holder. Business cards should be easy to use and provide only required information – Too many lines of text tend to confuse the client, they also make the design look less appealing.

Quality printing

Printing and paper quality is as important as the design itself, especially when we decide to use non white background. Even if printed with high quality printer at 600dpi individual dots are clearly visible. For this reason we usually print our business cards using photolithograph printing from high quality vector graphics, this gives purely solid colours. This kind of printing works very well with matte plasticized paper.

Our business card designs

Below you will find several business card examples made for clients in Marbella, Malaga:

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Marbedom Business Cards High quality design and silver stamp printing

These elegant bussiness cards have been designed for an investment company based in Marbella. Cards features silver stamping on one side and quality printing on the other side.

Real estate business cards

Marbedom business cards

Smooth Step Business Cards Original square graphic design

This business card was designed with a different non standard approach transmitting fresh and modern style. Therefore we chose a square shape with rounded corners, electric blue color and vector graphic design. We are a graphic and web design agency based in Marbella.

Smooth Step business card design

Graphic business card design for a company in Marbella
  • View slideshow portfolio

  • Design gallery in 3D

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If your company needs high quality graphic design you can check our portfolio that includes logo design, flyers and brochure, business cards, web design and other available designs at affordable prices.

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High quality business cards provide professionalism to your corporate image.

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Service includes 5 hours of initial template design modification, extra service installation and content entering, for extra works we offer professional 5 hour development pack for 75€.

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Smooth Step Business Cards

These blue square business cards with rounded corners features our graphic design.

Smooth Step business card design »

Exclusive web design

Preparing and programming high quality unique design is a hard task which needs lots of expertise and time.

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