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High end aluminum business cards for Smooth Step Web Design

Engraved using high end industrial fiber laser printer.

Fiber laser engraving

We have access to very expensive high end laser capable of engraving in high resolution over different types of metals. It works by concentrating laser beam and vaporizing the top layer of the material.

Suitable for high end aluminum business cards

We were able to engrave three types of business cards to promote our web design services in Marbella. Black background cards are engraved by removing the anodized layer, aluminum layer cards are printed by changing the refraction of the aluminum, also by creating black oxide layer.

Quality panel design and engraving for Eurorack synthesizer modules

We are developing a custom eurorack synthesizer with around 10 different modules. Panel for each module is cut from 2mm anodized aluminum sheed and then engraved using fiber laser which removes the black layer exposing aluminum below which looks like high contrast white.

Engraving costs and pricing

Laser engraving is slow and complicated process, our prices start from 1€ per business card and 10€ per eurorack panel depending on their size and complexity.

Laser engraved business cards for our web design works in Marbella

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High quality business cards provide professionalism to your corporate image.

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Smooth Step Business Cards

These blue square business cards with rounded corners features our graphic design.

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Business cards

For this reason we usually print our business cards using photolithograph printing from high quality vector graphics, this gives purely solid colours.

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