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Olive oil bottle label design Traditional label design for exportation to Chinese markets

This olive oil bottle label has been designed for its exportation to China. The design is inspired by old oil bottle designs displaying Spanish harvesters collecting olives. We used green and ocher tones. On client request we have added a gold stamping border to the design.

The back of the label shows nutritional information of the olive oil in Chinese language.

Olive oil bottle label design

Olive oil bottle label design

Robot Energy | Thrasher Urban can label design

Thrasher is an energetic drink brought by Robot Energy. The design is inspired in urban clothing and urban sports, and the drink is aimed at people who love, skateboard and other urban sports.

We have used a shiny light green that stands out over the black and some grunge effects for the background of the skater.

Robot Energy can design

Urban can label design for energy drink

Flor Violeta y Flor Púrpura Wine bottle labels designed for an export company in Malaga

Red wine labels designed according to the colors and names of these wines. The wine label "Flor Púrpura" has a purple color and "Flor Violeta" has a violet color palettes. Both wine labels are designed for a distributor in Málaga. They have a colored header with the first letter of the name of the flower, decorated with golden yellow grapes and vines. The lower part shows the variety of wine, Cabernet and Tempranillo and the designation of Valencian origin as well as an image of a vineyard, insignia of these traditional labels.

Wine bottle label design

Graphic design for red wine bottle label ordered by a distributor in Málaga

Rey Bermudo y Casa Antigua Label design

A couple of red wine bottle labels designed ​for a wine manufacturing company with denomination of origin in Valencia. The variety of wine is called Merlot Syrah.

Gold tones have been used for the label of King Bermudo wine and silvers in the design of Casa Antigua label. The designs have been elaborated using a traditional Spanish style featuring big frames with hand painted old vineyards that evoke past times.

Valencian wine label design

Valencian Red wine label design
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