Expanding creativity for artistic video and photography production

Our team has been producing in artistic film and photography for a long time. While having fun practicing with digital editing, post production and photo retouch during our free time we learned many techniques to enhance website design and functionality.

Understanding growing importance of web videos and artistic photography our team has decided to release best works on a new sister website - Black Elk Studios; also on major video and photography sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo.

Sky Jazz artistic video and music production

Apart of visual processing we are also grinding acoustic and electronic music production. Sky jazz video and music is a product of years of research with post production, non lineal video editing, HD filming and music composing. It is our first video made using HD technology.

Sky Jazz video uses very complex image manipulation to merge multiple video sources into a single artistic show. Parameters of many effects have been tuned using real time sound analysis so the footage would change with music.

High end retouch and post production

Digital image processing can applied for business needs to enhance photographs so they would look sharp and professional, also adjusting the palette to fit with required style and impression.

The same idea is applied to professional video production – Using post production raw footage can be enhanced to look more elegant. Different color palettes are used to create professional styles that provide required impression and mood to video footage.

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