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Advanced website development

Advanced package is designed to handle large business websites with product search and administration using content manager.

Advanced package includes:

  • Smooth Step or Wordpress CMS - Allows editing your content, add more pages.
    About CMS »
  • Advanced design - 2 or more unique designs for different parts of the website; All according to your specifications.
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  • Custom Flash header - Funky slideshows and custom animations
  • Client management - Each client will be able to create it's free account, administrator will have a list of all registered clients where he'll be able to perform client search and edit information.
    About client management »
  • 30 initial pages - With possibility to add more pages using content manager.
  • Menu - With sections / subsections
  • Product/photo/real estate database - With listings, details and search. Content manager extension to add products.
    Photo gallery extension »
  • News section - Blog engine, comment section and RSS output.
    About news manager »
  • Comment section - Users can post their comments that are validated via Smooth Step CMS

More features ...

  • Contact forms - Ability to easily place contact form on any page on your website.
  • Multi lingual website support - Content and product pages in several languages.
  • Advanced SEO services - Submission to major search engines, link building, content analysis, headline suggestion, blog/feed promotion.
    About SEO »
  • Unlimited email accounts - Email servers to be used with email software, also web based email access.
  • Web hosting - For 1 year (following years from 100eur/year, depending on website size)
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Power marketing solutions

Unique features like static product pages, comment sections and advanced SEO provide powerful marketing solution that generates targeted traffic.

Advanced  SEO

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We have developed several web based products.

Web based products »

Mahaco International

Mahaco Technology graphic design catalog designed in Marbella introduces this established in Stockholm company that supplies industrial requirements such as petrochemical, oil, gas, ferrous and other manufacturing products.

Mahaco »

PDF generator

Our PDF generator is available in conjunction with our web based products, stand alone application or as a third party plugin for your software project.

Real time PDF generator »


“Our own software developments”We have developed several web based software products to perform advanced tasks on your website:Web applications can be designed to handle a variety of online services such as database driven product search, registration and login, PDF rendering and others.

Web design services »

Marbedom Business Cards

This diamond silver logo and business card have been designed for an exclusive investment company that deals with gold sources, jewellery and other fine products.

Real estate business cards »