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Virus types and antivirus software

Viruses are designed to add their code to executable files of third party software, while worms simply add their files into system folders to be executed on system startup. Trojan horses – Allow computer to be controlled remotely; a hidden functionality user would not want.

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Web application performance tuning

Before we will dig deeper in those three phases - we have to make some important points: It is ongoing periodic work, not one time fix every change must be measured and its impact documented for the future it is not about Linux performance tuning (or FreeBSD, windows - any operating system), apache, mysql or other software components of the application - the main thing on which you will concentrate most efforts is your website. This is starting point and it is very important one – you always need to analyze your systems to know what is going on and why.

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Monthly backup and support

Client usually updates site's content using content management system and we take care of the rest:

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There you will find features and techniques that one needs to know before planning to develop one.

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Web development

We can also develop custom web based software that is not mentioned in this page.

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BunnikTours PDF app, Australia

We were requested to develop a web application in a way that it would open in an inline window with the same visual style as their main bunniktours.

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Visage Luxury Homes real estate developer website design

For this we have implemented a scrolling layout - developments menu item automatically scrolls to property listings on website home page.

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Collegium Musicum website design

We have just released a new Wordpress based website developed for Colegium Musicum - Classical music choir and orchestra situtated here in Costa del Sol.

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