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Database driven web applications for your website

We build web applications based on asynchronous interactive design (Ajax technology) that allows continuous exchanging small amounts of data with the server, so that entire web page doesn't have to be reloaded with every request. If a searchable catalog of products (or simply images) is needed, we develop database driven web applications that consist of management and output parts.

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Web application performance tuning

While there are other indicators of how web site performs (SEO, ROI) here we will talk specifically about analyzing web site speed, most important parts of the website, which can hog you down and especially about large web applications, which are designed to be scaled continuously in the future. While this article concentrates specifically on web sites, provided rules can be used to analyze any kind of project.

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How to use server side cache engine to increase website performance

Expiring cache is very useful for web applications that contact 3rd party server to receive data that changes continuously. Let's say we are building weather plugin that contacts weather server to get forecast for 7 days.

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PDF web application designed & developed for BunnikTours Australian travel agency

Modern JSON based PDF rendering software we have designed and developed for an Australian travel agency..

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Online business ready

Advanced web design package includes product manager with multilingual support and web hosting..

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Static pages on your website

User friendly and SEO compatible website page names using rewrite technology.

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Anti-spam captcha protection for website contact forms


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Guide to website design and construction

Web development techniques.

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Two main goals of internet marketing are: to increase overall website visitor amount and targeted traffic (amount of visitors that are looking for products or services you offer).

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Web packages

We have quite a few services and products.

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Web applications can be designed to handle a variety of online services such as database driven product search, registration and login, PDF rendering and others.

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Exclusive web design

If it's a business site content has to be organized to logical categories assuring that most important services are clearly visible and search engine friendly.

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