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Wordpress website designer

"Website development is a fusion of modern design and programming"We use different image processors such as Photoshop and 3D Studio Max to design visual appearance, php and .net server programming for database functionality and Javascript libraries such as Jquery for interactivity and animations.

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Database driven web applications for your website

Our team develops custom websites and web applications based on PHP7, MySQL, HTML5 and Javascript.If you are looking for web application developers who could create interactive design that provides valuable services for your web site, help you to choose and customize the real estate software, simply fill in the form below and we will be glad to help.

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PDF web application designed & developed for BunnikTours Australian travel agency

Our company has developed state of the art web software for an australian BunnikTours travel agency. The application is based on dynamic windows that opens on top of their main site.

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Modern orchestra website design for Collegium Musicum in Costa del Sol

We have just released a new Wordpress based website developed for Colegium Musicum - Classical music choir and orchestra situtated here in Costa del Sol. Since they are a non lucrative organization we used economic web design based on Rosa website template which we have modified and improved to fit client requirements.

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Custom website design and development services in Costa del Sol

Firstly we have to study the business concept and prepare the design with its mobile version in graphic editing software, perform design modifications until we get client confirmation and only then we can start development works.Complex websites with many different panels take weeks or even months to get designed and developed.

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Dynamic website development advantages

Dynamic web development opens possibilities to build highly automated websites that can be easily managed using content and product management software while static ones are simply a bunch of HTML documents on the server.Without any administration static sites give little benefit to site owner as websites that provide interactivity and fresh content tend to rank better.

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Search engine friendly website design for Benahavis hills property resort

We were instructed to use a different, more visual approach developing this website. Its design is based on semitransparent panels over a static full screen photo of their property resort.

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Responsive website design and existing site optimization for mobile and tablet devices

The first step of mobile website development consists of analyzing all the original website layouts and preparing mobile designs that fit to various mobile and tablet resolutions. Simple websites usually only require single size designs, more complex websites may require separate designs for mobile and tablet resolutions.

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Edit your website with ease

Smooth Step CMS solution was installed for each new website we had build; at the moment we mostly use Wordpress because of its large variety of third party plugins which help to reduce development costs.We have been developing this web based software and it's plugins since 2007.

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Designs for lawyers, restaurants, e-commerce and real estate websites

Service includes 5 hours of initial template design modification, extra service installation and content entering, for extra works we offer professional 5 hour development pack for 75€.Apart of exclusive design we offer cost efficient website solutions based on predesigned templates, such websites are not unique but with over 10 years of experience in web design and development business we can customize them or even change their design completely maintaining the management software.

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Editable website solution

Generally sites with our unique design are developed using Wordpress and our plugins for advanced functionality. For online shop sites we also use Prestashop e-commerce manager.

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