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Dynamic website development advantages

Dynamic web development opens possibilities to build highly automated websites that can be easily managed using content and product management software while static ones are simply a bunch of HTML documents on the server.Without any administration static sites give little benefit to site owner as websites that provide interactivity and fresh content tend to rank better.

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Responsive website design and existing site optimization for mobile and tablet devices

The first step of mobile website development consists of analyzing all the original website layouts and preparing mobile designs that fit to various mobile and tablet resolutions.

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Rima real estate website design and manager upgrade

Rima Consulting website features our unique web design with many innovative features including semi-transparent property search, custom dropdowns and price range selectors, content in multiple columns. Each website design feature is optimized for mobile devices and high resolution retina displays.

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Rental website design and development based on our real estate software

TickTock rent website offers an interactive map of Costa del Sol showing the amount of rental properties they have in the area, also 4 types of rentals each with unique set of fields and search options.Complex rental website designed to host 4 types of rentals each with different set of fields and property search options.

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Professional photography services in Marbella and Málaga area

Currently, all websites are very visual both from design point of view of and the images they have. Adding professional quality images into website header anr content is very important to grab the attention of buyers and/or clients.

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Real estate website upgrade adding Milenio Plus XML feed support

We were requested to upgrade Property Oso real estate website to support MilenioPlus property XML feed. For that we have extended the site with our Wordpress based real estate software which handles extra fields and automatic XML feed import.

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Video and photography production website design & development

Black Elk Studios website is designed and developed to expand our services offering professional video production and photography. Site features our modern design with elegant touch using dark patterned background.

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Web design and development for a professional photography site

Photography website design & developmentDSLR Magazine is a professional photography portal offers all kinds of news related to latest cameras and optic lenses, photography techniques, reviews, interviews, exhibitions, etc.The design was produced using dark gray patterns resembling the texture of old cameras.

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Web design and marketing

This website has been developed prepared for marketing. Its content and programming code has been optimized for SEO to position it in the top positions on Google and other search engines.

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Web based invoicing software design & development

Spanish website eFacturas Online designed and developed by our team offers a web based software to manage electronic invoices according to European Union standards. First the site is designed for general information about the processes and procedures of the e-invoicing and once the software will be finished it will offer online invoicing and billing.

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