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Mobile designs for our business site

Our business site offering web design services in Marbella has been optimized for all mobile and tablet resolutions using lightweight liquid HTML.

Responsive design & development

Our web development site is quite complex, a great effort has been made to redesign and reprogram all panels so they would adapt to every detected mobile and tablet resolution. We have used very lightweight liquid HTML fitting all desktop and moble version styles onto 23Kb CSS file which reduces to merely 8Kb when delivered from our hosting server to client browser using gZip compression.

Mobile navigation menu, fonts and other services

Site is now equipped with mobile navigation menu which activates when mobile resolution is detected. We have also adjusted header slideshow so it would appear thinner on mobile design, adapted photos, multi column texts, implemented high DPI Truetype fonts and photo adjustments so everything would fit neatly into small available screen.

Mobile optimization services

Please check our mobile optimization services if you have a site which only has a desktop version. We offer both mobile website designs and development services for their implementation.

Responsive design and development optimized for mobile devices and tablets

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Simple websites usually only require single size designs, more complex websites may require separate designs for mobile and tablet resolutions.

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High end laser engraved business cards for Smooth Step Web Design

After trying different laser intensity, speed and pulse width settings we were able to print eurorack panels over anodized alluminum as well as 3 types of business cards designed to promote our web design and development services in Marbella.

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