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Dynamic website development advantages

Article comments main benefits that can be achieved using dynamic development approach.Dynamic websites use server programming capabilities to generate pages while static ones are made of simple HTML pages that are uploaded on the server.

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Web based PDF generator

We have developed an application to generate PDFs dynamically from predesigned template and dynamic information from the database. Smooth Step PDF™ is fully web based.

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Static pages on your website

Dynamic URLs are designed to send variables to a website page so it could perform a specific task that usually generates dynamic results. Dynamic page names contain a single question mark that separates name from variables sent.

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Customizable database management system

Clicking on it will open a dynamic window where you will be able to update your dropdown fields.Dropdowns will automatically re-update in all open windows.

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How to use server side cache engine to increase website performance

To speed up dynamic website data caching mechanism must be equipped with some kind of destructor that would delete cache data when website has been changed; otherwise it would prevent latest information from being displayed. Such mechanism adds expiry date to cache file; cache is recalculated if sever date surpass cache date.

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Guide to website design and construction

Services like daily weather forecast, downloads, dynamic PDFs, mortgage calculators, currency converters, restricted areas, online booking are elements that increase web site traffic because if users find them useful, they will remember your domain name and come back, also recommending your site to others.

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Real estate software

To cut design and development costs many property software providers and real estate web designers in general use prebuilt templates to make sites for their clients, however in many cases such websites are charged as if design would be unique.

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Web development

We can also develop custom web based software that is not mentioned in this page.

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Apart of having insecure backend software websites are vulnerable to contact form spam, also sensitive data leakage due to insecure connectionWebsite administrator password might become vulnerable when it is sent unencrypted across internet especially when connecting from public Wi-Fi connections.

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BunnikTours PDF app, Australia

The software features a secure login, client management, client profile with high definition logo upload and real time PDF rendering capabilities merging BunnikTours PDF brochures with client logo and contact details written in corporate TrueType font used by the company.

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In this chapter you will find out how to detect and remove spyware and adware applications, what operating systems and software are most vulnerable and how to protect your computer using free antispyware solutions.

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