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Website security & repair services, SSL encryption and antispam

This creates a security risk as every time new software version is available their developers announce which vulnerabilities were fixed and all previous versions become vulnerable to those well documented bugs until they are updated. This demands that all sites would be updated as soon as new software version is available which sometimes leads to plugin incompatibilities and other issues.

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Main features

Firefox team is constantly working on known security flaws offering one of the safest browsers available. Mozilla Firefox web browser offers very helpful features and reasonable security.

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Computer security and tips malicious software protection

Routers and firewalls offer reasonable computer internet security as vulnerable operating systems become isolated from unwanted connections from the internet. In case of infection, one should run antivirus and antispyware scanners to test all computers' files assuring that all copies of unwanted software are eliminated.

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Customizable database management system

If more security is needed we can install SSL encryption.SSL is a security standard used by banks and online business.

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Spyware removers

MS Windows operating system is known to be extremely vulnerable to malicious software due to large amount of security flaws in OS and integrated web browser.

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Email security and tips to protect your computer

Email security and spam protection..

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Virus types and antivirus software

Virus types and free antivirus software to protect yourself in the internet..

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Anti-spam captcha protection for website contact forms


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