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Edit your website with ease

Usually it takes less than 1 hour of studying to get the basic concepts of how to edit your web site using our content manager. We provide lesions, manuals and support.

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Website security & repair services, SSL encryption and antispam

Websites that are built on open source content managers such as Wordpress, Modx and others might be insecure, especially when using outdated backend software and its plugins.

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Anti-spam captcha protection for website contact forms


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Editable website solution

This way we can build websites faster and with more features, however we don’t hesitate to build or upgrade websites based on other open source content management solutions including:content manager.

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Websites we have built

Several websites that we have developed.

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Web based products to manage your website and databases

Web based website and product management software with custom reports..

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Mahaco International

Mahaco Technology graphic design catalog designed in Marbella introduces this established in Stockholm company that supplies industrial requirements such as petrochemical, oil, gas, ferrous and other manufacturing products.

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PDF generator

Our PDF generator is available in conjunction with our web based products, stand alone application or as a third party plugin for your software project.

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We have developed several web based products.

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Salutec catalogue

Product catalog designed for SalutecThis catalogue was designed for a company based in Marbella to promote their business identity and products to different distributors as hotels and airports in Costa del Sol.

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