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Edit your website with ease

Smooth Step CMS technology is designed to have vast amount of pages - Suitable for individuals and large business websites.Smooth Step team dedicated large amount of time to make CMS fully compatible with major web browsers: Internet Explorer (version 6, 7 and 8), Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

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Editable website solution

We have developed a content management solution that is included with each website we build, however our CMS while being faster and more secure lacks community 3rd party plugin support therefore at the moment we are focussing on building custom sites on Wordpress.Both Wordpress and Smooth Step CMS is fully web based meaning that no additional software besides a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or similar) is needed.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have no time to update your site using Smooth Step CMS we can perform periodic updates for an extra fee (optional).Yes, our content manager is designed for search engine marketing.

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CMS based news manager

Contact us defining your needs and we will provide our Smooth Step CMS with customized news manager.Visit our contact page We offer Smooth Step CMS based news aggregator.

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Web based products to manage your website and databases

To make our CMS more useful, we have developed several plugins. Here are some of them:You'll be able to upload photos and organize them in categories.

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Wordpress website designer

Customizable product database solution, CMS plugins and responsive support for mobile devices provide all one needs to manage large business site.We also offer design upgrade for existing websites as well as cost efficient web solutions based on customized predesigned templates and open source content / e-commerce managers including Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop and others.

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Tag cloud

Fully automated engine is available on your website as Smooth Step CMS plugin. All you will need to do is write several tags for each page and the rest is generated automatically.

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Website has been upgraded to version 2.0

CMS video tutorials: New video demonstrations for our content management system.

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Online business ready

Advanced web design package includes product manager with multilingual support and web hosting..

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There you will find features and techniques that one needs to know before planning to develop one.

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Web development

We can also develop custom web based software that is not mentioned in this page.

Web application development »

BunnikTours PDF app, Australia

We were requested to develop a web application in a way that it would open in an inline window with the same visual style as their main bunniktours.

JSON based web app »

Visage Luxury Homes real estate developer website design

For this we have implemented a scrolling layout - developments menu item automatically scrolls to property listings on website home page.

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Collegium Musicum website design

We have just released a new Wordpress based website developed for Colegium Musicum - Classical music choir and orchestra situtated here in Costa del Sol.

Orchestra »