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Dynamic website development advantages

Dynamic web development opens possibilities to build highly automated websites that can be easily managed using content and product management software while static ones are simply a bunch of HTML documents on the server.

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Guide to website design and construction

Website serves as a presentation of your project or business on the internet, allowing visitors to find information, products and services. It also helps to maintain contact with possible clients minimizing operative costs.

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Custom website design and development services in Costa del Sol

Unique website means that its design is exclusive to that website and not used by any other business. We are proud to be one of few web design companies still offering exclusive design service here in Marbella.

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SEO friendly, no recurring fees

Visit real estate website that we have recently developed - with over 10.000 properties in Marbella and other areas in Costa del Sol featuring our Resales Online Wordpress Plugin integration.

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Search engine optimization and marketing services in Marbella

Two main goals of internet marketing are: to increase overall website visitor amount and targeted traffic (amount of visitors that are looking for products or services you offer).SEO involves analyzing how search engines work, what people are looking for, structuring and programming, optimizing content and fixing errors that might prevent indexing.

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Frequently asked questions

However if you need a simple website prices are very affordable.

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Editable website solution

Generally sites with our unique design are developed using Wordpress and our plugins for advanced functionality. For online shop sites we also use Prestashop e-commerce manager.

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How to use server side cache engine to increase website performance

Chapter comments how to improve web application and overal website performance using server side caching. Here we talk about several caching models with their pros and cons and examples, also where they have been used on Smooth Step CMS.

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Monthly backup and support

It is very hard for an inexperienced user select a good hosting company because all of these companies have fancy web sites and claim that their web hosting services are impeccable.

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CMS based news manager

Once added these pages are automatically organized by date and displayed on your website.News manager orders web pages so newest items would appear first.

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Web based products to manage your website and databases

Plugin provides 7 day weather forecast and current weather conditions on your website.Provides a searchable list of clients.

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There you will find features and techniques that one needs to know before planning to develop one.

Web design services »

Web development

We can also develop custom web based software that is not mentioned in this page.

Web application development »

BunnikTours PDF app, Australia

We were requested to develop a web application in a way that it would open in an inline window with the same visual style as their main bunniktours.

JSON based web app »

Visage Luxury Homes real estate developer website design

For this we have implemented a scrolling layout - developments menu item automatically scrolls to property listings on website home page.

Real estate developer »

Collegium Musicum website design

We have just released a new Wordpress based website developed for Colegium Musicum - Classical music choir and orchestra situtated here in Costa del Sol.

Orchestra »