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Guide to web based email service

Web based email is a service that allows to access and use electronic mail via web browser. In this case email software is running on a web server allowing client to log-in, read and send mail from any computer with internet connection.

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Email servers and free email software

Mozilla Thunderbird email client - Is a free email and news software developed by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is available for most popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.

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Email security and tips to protect your computer

Spam email message usually contains viruses or spyware packed with good looking text. Very often spam message says “open the attached document” or “your account details are attached”.

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Introduction to electronic mail

Email messages can be sent and viewed in using different computer technologies - using web based interface (web mail) or specific email software (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera mail and others). E-mail has a great advantage compared to regular mail as the message is received within seconds from when it was sent.

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